Choosing the Right Fall Protection Provider

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Choosing the right fall protection provider

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Each year, falls are among the most common causes of serious work related injuries and deaths. Many employers are unaware of their obligations when it comes to fall protection. For example, any leading edge over 4 feet in general industry is considered a fall hazard, thus requiring a fall protection abatement plan and system per OSHA 1910.23(b)(1). Fall protection is a serious topic that affects almost any workplace. Your employees’ lives are dependent on your choice of a fall protection provider. What follows is a list of key questions and considerations when selecting a fall protection provider.

Key Questions and Considerations When Selecting a Fall Protection Provider:

  • What is the company’s experience in your market and with your application?
  • Will the company assume liability of the system?
  • Will the company provide you engineering documentation? Recall, fall protection engineering documentation is required by OSHA 1910.66(g)(2)(i) and (ii).
  • Is the company able to provide a full range of fall protection solutions to ensure that the suggested option(s) is optimal for your operation?
  • Are the sales, engineering and installation personnel certified competent in fall protection? OSHA requires this certification in the case of fall arrest systems 1926.502(d)(8).
  • Does the company clearly understand OSHA and ANSI fall protection standards as they relate to your operation?
  • Does the company subcontract any part of the system (engineering, fabrication, installation, training, recertification)?
  • In the event of fall should occur, will your fall protection system need to be reinstalled?
  • Does the provider offer a Rescue program to satisfy OSHA 1926.502(d)(20)?

Diversified Fall Protection is a complete turnkey provider of fall protection systems with decades of experience in a wide range of markets and applications. Contact us for expert assistance for all your fall protection safety requirements.

Did You Know?

That any fall protection system must be engineered for two times the applied load in the event of a fall?