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The Connect Safe Portable Truss Anchor

Although OSHA regulations require employers to provide work environments free of fall hazards, not every application requires an expensive, custom-engineered solution. We set out to create a cost-effective alternative to engineered systems to ensure every employee who works at heights would return home to their families—safe and sound–at the end of each shift.

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Portable Fall Protection Anchor Points

We preach the ABCD’s of fall protection (Anchorage, Body Harness, Connecting Device, and Rescue/Descent) every day. The alphabet approach is an easy way to remind folks how to stay safe while working at heights, but putting the “A” of the ABC’s in place is often a challenge.  Here’s why…

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Mobile Fall Arrest and Portable Stair Access Systems


The Exosphere Anchor

We are pleased to announce the latest addition to our comprehensive line of mobile and portable fall protection products—Tuff Built, By Diversified Fall Protection. Portable fall arrest systems and rolling or freestanding stair access systems are gaining traction in the market because they offer a secure anchor point without requiring the same structural requirements as a typical engineered system.  In many instances, we see applications where we have no available structure to support a fall arrest system, or the work station is not static.  When faced with these challenges, sometimes the best alternative is a mobile system that is either wheeled into place, or positioned with a fork lift.  Here is a brief overview of the Tuff Built by Diversified Fall Protection line-up of mobile fall arrest systems.

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Did You Know?

All guardrail that is protecting an opening or leading edge must be able to support 200 pounds on the top rail and 150 pounds on the midrail in any direction?