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CEOs Who “GET” Safety: National Safety Council Annual Recap

Every year, The National Safety Council publishes a cover story on CEOs who “get” safety.

The CEOs profiled in this article understand that building a safety culture in their organization starts with them – the choices they make, where they focus their efforts, and the expectations they set for others.  This top-down approach is highly effective for creating a safer work environment for employees. The “CEOs Who Get It” also put safety before profits – although, that isn’t to say, increased safety won’t improve a company’s bottom-line – because it often does!

During a recent NSC Congress and Expo, attendees were surveyed to identify significant safety challenges. By a wide margin, the survey participants said the biggest challenge faced in promoting a safety culture was leadership commitment and engaging employees (62 percent). Reducing risk (18 percent), safety management systems (11 percent), and measuring performance (9 percent) were chosen as the main challenge in promoting a safety culture significantly less.

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How To Get Your Fall Protection Budget Approved

Let’s assume you have contacted a fall protection company about a fall hazard at your facility. They have completed the site visit and proposed a viable solution, but you fear your funding won’t be approved by your management team.  If this scenario sounds familiar, you aren’t alone. The good news is that using language that resonates with management improves your odds of approval by leaps and bounds.  Here’s why…

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Did You Know?

Rigid rail fall arrest systems are often ideal for applications with low fall clearance distances?