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Mobile Fall Arrest and Portable Stair Access Systems

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The Exosphere Anchor

We are pleased to announce the latest addition to our comprehensive line of mobile and portable fall protection products—Tuff Built, By Diversified Fall Protection. Portable fall arrest systems and rolling or freestanding stair access systems are gaining traction in the market because they offer a secure anchor point without requiring the same structural requirements as a typical engineered system.  In many instances, we see applications where we have no available structure to support a fall arrest system, or the work station is not static.  When faced with these challenges, sometimes the best alternative is a mobile system that is either wheeled into place, or positioned with a fork lift.  Here is a brief overview of the Tuff Built by Diversified Fall Protection line-up of mobile fall arrest systems.

The Exosphere comes with a variety of options to create one of the most functional, portable fall arrest systems in our mobile offering.  The Exosphere is a mobile, telescoping jib arm fall protection system that comes with two anchor points that can be positioned at maximum heights from 14’ to 38’ with winch, manual hydraulic, and electric hydraulic lifting options.  Whether you need a push-pull configuration, a self-propelled model, or a trailer towing package for highway travel, the Exosphere is ANSI approved and OSHA compliant to ensure your personnel’s safety while working at heights.

Mobile Access Stair Systems (M.A.S.S.) provide a portable means of accessing elevated work areas with a fully functional stairway versus a conventional ladder.  Mobile Access Stair Systems come with  optional railing, cages, and anchor structures to provide ground-up tie-off.  Our Free Standing Access Stair Systems (F.S.A.S.S.) are height adjustable from 141” to 216” (to the entrance platform), creating a stairway design that provides safer access to elevated work areas.


The MASS access stair system with Davit Point Anchor Package provides fall protection for two workers while loading and unloading a railcar as shown above.  The freestanding access stair system is a much safer option that the rounded ladder you see attached to the side of the tanker car.  Once the worker reaches the top of the platform, he can connect to the davit system for 100% tie-off.


The access stair system shown above comes equipped with a cage and tripod system, allowing a worker to safely test the contents of a tanker truck.  Again, this is a much safer means of access than using the ladder system that is attached to the tanker trailer.


The next picture illustrates our mobile access stair system that is equipped with a rigid rail fall protection system.  This system wheels into place and comes in standard 114″ and 86″ heights, but we can also work with you to manufacture a custom height if the standard dimensions aren’t a good fit with your application.


The photo above illustrates our Umbrella System, which provides a rotating anchor point for larger work coverage areas.  The Umbrella system features manual hydraulic adjustment to achieve heights from just over 14 feet to 24 feet.


The mobile A-Frame fall protection system allows you to place overhead anchor points where you need them.  Mobile A-Frames roll over equipment and other structures requiring access to provide ground-up fall protection for your elevated work activities.


Mobile Quad Frame fall protection systems are ideal for truck loading and unloading applications as shown above.  Optional electric/hydraulic height adjustment, tow hitch packages, and side stabilizer  packages are available.  Standard heights for the mobile quad or box frame systems include 15′-10″, 18′-4″, and 21′-8″.

Mobile C-Frame horizontal rail fall arrest systems roll up to elevated work areas and provide portable anchor points for fall protection along the length of an elevated work area.  Mobile horizontal rail systems come in fixed and adjustable heights and may be equipped with an access stair and entrance platform to provide ground-up fall protection.

mobile-c-frame-fall arrest-system


Sky-X-Stand Systems provide mobile overhead fall protection anchor points in a lightweight and easy to set up package, as shown in the photos below:


The affordable Sky-X-Stand Pro-3 comes in 5 standard, fixed heights ranging from 16′-17-1/2″ to 23′-8-1/4″.  Each unit features 1 anchor point and urethane wheels for easy transport to the work area.


The Sky-X-Stand Pro 7 looks similar to the Exosphere Anchor System shown at the beginning of this post, but this system has a max nominal anchor height of 24 feet.

All of the systems featured in this post comes as pre-engineered systems with standard operating heights, but each of the systems can also be modified to meet your specific needs.  And unlike some of the other portable or mobile fall arrest systems on the market, we think you will be delighted by the competitive price points and short delivery lead times.   To learn more about our new, Tuff Built line of portable access stair and fall protection systems, contact Diversified Fall Protection for further assistance.

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There were 6,271 cited Fall Protection OSHA standards violations in 2015?