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Pre-Engineered Horizontal Lifeline Kits for Roof Applications

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Diversiline Standing Seam Horizontal LifelineSince our founding in 1994, we have designed, engineered, and installed thousands of engineered fall protection systems for a wide range of applications.  Our turnkey approach, which encompasses every aspect of a project, from site assessment and engineering to finished installation, training, and recertification has earned us “trusted advisor” status in the eyes of our clients.  This month, DFP is proud to announce the launch Diversiline, a pre-engineered, permanent horizontal lifeline kit designed for rooftop fall arrest and fall restraint applications. 

Until recently, roof lifelines came in two basic forms:  a custom engineered HLL system or a pre-manufactured, temporary lifeline.  Engineered horizontal lifelines are custom designed with your roof make-up and slope in mind, and the length and shape of the system is custom configured to meet specific roof access requirements.  If you purchase a custom lifeline from DFP, our engineers perform all of the calculations, stamp the drawings and once the roof lifeline design is complete, our technicians install the posts, tension the cable, and train your employees on the system’s safe use.

Previously, the only alternative to a custom engineered horizontal lifeline was a temporary lifeline system.  When it comes to safety, the idea of tying off to something deemed “temporary” should raise concerns. Temporary systems are just as the name implies—solutions that are not designed for permanent use.  In addition, most temporary or pre-manufactured horizontal lifeline kits use Crosby clips to create terminal connections and lack indicators to ensure the cable is properly tensioned.  What’s more, because these systems are not engineered, you need to attach the end connections to structure rated at 5,000 lbs. And if you purchase a temporary kit, you’ll be left wondering how and where to connect the system to the roof in order to ensure worker safety and OSHA compliance.

Each OSHA compliant  Diversiline Horizontal Lifeline Kit is pre-engineered to address these concerns.  Your employees can tie off with confidence because a fall protection engineer has calculated the system loads.  We also include engineering documentation and detailed instructions with each kit so you can self-install the system.  You’ll know how and where to install to attach the post, and how to ensure the lifeline is tensioned properly.

We currently offer Diversiline Horizontal Lifeline Kits for rubber membrane, corrugated, and standing seam roofs in 30’, 40’, 50’, and 60’ lengths which can be configured in straight line, L, and U-shaped systems.  If you need a system that fits within these parameters, you’ll find that Diversiline is a cost-effective alternative to an engineered system.  What’s more, your system will be safe, secure, and most importantly, OSHA compliant.  To learn more about Diversiline, visit our horizontal lifeline kit section of our website using the links below, or contact Diversified Fall Protection for further assistance.

Diversiline Horizontal Lifeline Kit for Standing Seam Roofs
Diversiline Horizontal Lifeline Kit for Corrugated Roofs
Diversiline Horizontal Lifeline Kit for Membrane Roofs

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