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Say Goodbye To Sore Feet Forever

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If your company is like most, you have employees spending long hours on their feet each day. Anti-fatigue mats can offer relief, but how do you improve the comfort and productivity of employees who continuously roam throughout the plant each day?  More and more companies are focusing on health and wellness because a healthy workforce is a productive workforce–and sore feet, knees, and backs curb employee productivity. What if there was an alternative to anti-fatigue mats that followed your employees everywhere they go?  If this all sounds intriguing, we have an answer….

insoleWith Rockin’ Feet insoles, worker’s feet can stay cool and comfortable all day long. The thin design of these massaging liquid insoles makes them easy to fit into any size shoe. The Rockin’ Feet insoles are filled with FDA approved glycerin. This liquid gel is forced back and forth inside the insole when the user is walking, providing a soothing massage. This improves tissue elasticity and improves circulation. Improved circulation can also aid in diabetic feet circulation. The insoles also provide arch support along with excellent cushioning. The thin insoles can fit into any shoe type without making the shoes tight while suppling shock absorption. The insoles are also made of an absorbent cloth to ensure that feet stay cool and, most importantly, comfortable.

Being comfortable on your feet will not only make your workday more M L2 10-11enjoyable but also more productive.  If you or your staff spend large amounts of time on your feet, Rockin’ feet insoles are the perfect solution. Rockin’ Feet insoles are available for purchase through our sister company’s  (Unistrut Service Company) Amazon Store Front or, contact us for information regarding bulk orders.  Give these new insoles a try–you’ll be glad you did!

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