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Articulating Boom and Trolley Fall Arrest Systems For Crane Bay Applications

The overhead cranes found in many industrial settings are ideal for material handing applications, but their intended paths and operation often complicate the installation of fall arrest equipment.  Central to any fall arrest system design is the anchor point, so when anchorage areas compete for space with an overhead crane, safety engineers rely on creative solutions so both systems can function properly. The key to this type of engineering challenge is achieving a balancing act between competing systems.  Although each situation is different, crane bay fall arrest design criteria typically contains the following:

  • The fall arrest system must allow for safe passage of the overhead crane when not in use.
  • The fall arrest system should be easy to deploy when needed.
  • Compliance with OSHA 1910 regulations for fall arrest.

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Did You Know?

Anytime that work is being performed on a roof that has a pitch of 4:12 or higher, fall protection must be used at all times?