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Mobile Fall Protection Systems

Excluding passive forms of fall protection like our rooftop guardrail system, every fall arrest system includes four basic components: Anchorage, Body harness, Connecting device, and a means of Descent/rescue. Many safety equipment manufacturers refer to these components as the ABCD’s of fall protection.  The concept is simple to remember, but what happens when you are working on equipment outside?  Better yet, how do you account for proper anchorage while working inside if the location of your designated maintenance area constant changes?  As a best practice, we recommend positioning the anchor point as high overhead over head as possible to reduce the chances ground impact before the fall arrest system engages.  That said, how do you utilize an overhead anchor point outside while working on an airplane, a truck, or a large piece of earth moving equipment just to name a few?  Vacuum based single point anchors are an option in some scenarios, but again, the goal is to place the anchor point overhead rather than at foot level.

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Did You Know?

It is the responsibility of the employer to provide prompt rescue of their workers in the event of a fall or assure that their workers are able to self rescue?