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Fall protection education has been a core company value here since our founding in 1994.  Most of our clients appreciate the need for fall protection, but they don’t always understand the different approaches to fall protection or why we recommend one system style over another.

For example, many folks automatically equate fall arrest with cable-style horizontal lifelines, but limited fall clearance applications are better suited for rigid beam rail systems because they minimize deflection.   It’s one thing to hear a fall safety specialist make these types of statements, but quite another to visualize the differences between the two approaches.

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Fall Protection System Inspection and Recertification

News regarding stepped up enforcement, and higher OSHA penalties have more folks thinking about fall protection.  Employers are doing a better job providing fall protection systems for their employees, but a system’s presence is no guarantee of safety.  Corroded, worn, or loose components can cause a potentially catastrophic system failure.  What’s more, the use of improper components during the design phase or connecting the system to inadequate structure can lead to the same.  For all of these reasons, OSHA regulations and ANSI standards recommend annual system inspections performed by a qualified individual.

Most of our recertification work focuses on our systems, but we also field requests to recertify systems designed and installed by other vendors.  We can inspect and recertify these systems, but the process requires some additional steps you may not have considered. 

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The Hierarchy of Rooftop Fall Protection

True or false: there exists a “best practice” to mitigate all rooftop fall hazards.  On the surface, one might think this is a false statement because every rooftop poses unique challenges.  The use of the word ALL in our opening statement probably sends up some red flags too.  If you agree with this statement, pat yourself on the back and take a bow because you are correct.  That said, there is a twist—our rationale for agreeing with this statement may come as a bit of a surprise.  To understand our logic here, we need to start with a key point:  there is a difference between a best practice and a “best solution” when it comes to fall protection.

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Selecting Fall Protection Systems and Anchorage Options for Rooftop Applications

This is the time of year companies start thinking about rooftop maintenance and inspection.  The snow and ice is gone and it is time to work outside….at heights….but how do you provide safe rooftop access for your personnel?  The best place to start is by asking two basic questions:

  • What is the pitch of the roof?
  • What is the size of the intended coverage area?

Our recent installation for an Indiana steel plant perfectly illustrates the decisions and choices required when selecting a rooftop fall protection system and suitable anchorage options.

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Diversified Fall Protection To Provide Custom Engineered Fall Protection Systems For Fastenal Customers

Diversified Fall Protection is proud to announce a new strategic partnership with Fastenal Company.  Fastenal is widely recognized as a leading industrial distributor and a key supplier to the OEM, MRO and Construction markets.  Although Fastenal currently offers safety harnesses, lanyards, and pre-engineered lifeline systems used for fall protection applications, the company saw additional opportunities to service customers requiring application specific, custom engineered fall protection systems.  The new partnership brings Diversified’s turnkey approach, which includes engineering, fabrication, installation, training, and recertification to Fastenal customers nationwide.

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Three Keys To An Effective Fall Protection Plan

If you manage or supervise employees working at heights, you know you need a fall protection plan, but what exactly constitutes an effective plan that will meet OSHA standards and keep your staff safe?  If you are more of a visual learner than a reader, our new video explaining the three components of an effective fall protection plan–solutions, rescue, and recertification–is for you.  To watch this informative video tutorial, click on the arrow in the image below:

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Did You Know?

In general Industry, any leading edge that is four feet or higher than the surface below must be protected from fall hazards?