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OSHA Fall Protection and Training Requirements for Temporary Workers

In today’s business environment, temporary workers are a fact of life.  From filling predictable labor shortages to shoring unforeseen gaps in staffing, a temporary worker can save the day.  That said, without proper planning and policies, temps can also expose your company to OSHA citations and fines, especially if they work at heights.  Whether your company regularly relies on temporary workers or is considering their first-time use, it is important to understand your company’s obligations to protect temps working at heights. 

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Fall Protection Training

fall safety trainingRegular readers of our Tech Talk Blog understand that we stress developing a corporate culture of safety.  Creating and maintaining a safe workplace doesn’t happen overnight—it requires a series of steps, including installation of fall protection equipment, inspection and re-certification, and training employees on the safe use of all fall protection equipment.  Sometimes clients ask about the specific OSHA requirements on fall safety training.  The bottom line is simple:  the best fall protection system in the world is of little or no use unless your employees understand how to use the equipment properly.  If employees MAY be exposed to work-place fall hazards, your company has a responsibility to train personnel to identify hazards and minimize their exposure to dangerous conditions.

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Did You Know?

There were 6,271 cited Fall Protection OSHA standards violations in 2015?