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The Hierarchy of Rooftop Fall Protection

True or false: there exists a “best practice” to mitigate all rooftop fall hazards.  On the surface, one might think this is a false statement because every rooftop poses unique challenges.  The use of the word ALL in our opening statement probably sends up some red flags too.  If you agree with this statement, pat yourself on the back and take a bow because you are correct.  That said, there is a twist—our rationale for agreeing with this statement may come as a bit of a surprise.  To understand our logic here, we need to start with a key point:  there is a difference between a best practice and a “best solution” when it comes to fall protection.

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Did You Know?

According to OSHA, the distance from a leading edge does not mitigate the hazard? Any leading edge over 4 feet in general industry and 6 feet in construction is considered a hazard.