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Do Your Permanently Mounted Fixed Ladders Still Comply with OSHA Regulations?

OSHA’s Slips, Trips, and Falls Regulations (Updated July 2017) cover a broad range of fall protection topics, including fixed ladders. For fixed ladders, the most important rule changes involve width and offset distance requirements.

In addition, importantly, cage systems will no longer be an acceptable protection device for ladders 24 feet and higher installed after November 19, 2018.

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24-Foot Rule for Mounted Access Ladders

If you’ve been looking into OSHA’s revised Walking Working Surfaces Regulations or have heard about the November 19, 2018 implementation of new regulations for permanently mounted ladders, you may still be confused about the height requirements related to the “24-foot rule.”

Your safety engineer or maintenance crew may have questions like these:

“What if the ladder is made up of sections that are less than 24’…do I need fall protection?”

“What if the ladder is only 20′ long, but starts 10′ above ground level?  What then?”

Whether an employer must equip a fixed ladder or ladder sections with fall protection depends on the distance a worker on the ladder could fall, not the length of any single section of the ladder.

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OSHA’s NEW Fixed Ladder Standards: 5 Measurements You Need to Know

With the deadline approaching, people have been talking about OSHA’s Revised Walking Working Standards and how those new standards relate to fixed ladders installed after mid-November of 2018.

OSHA’s new ladder regulations have been highlighted in various safety magazines and online posts, (you can download our entire primer here) but if you are looking for a “starter” list of pertinent ladder dimensions to ensure compliance, we have just the post for you.

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New OSHA Regs and Ladder Cages

The new OSHA General Industry fall protection regulations that went into effect in 2017 are prompting a slew of questions  on fixed ladders.  If you are wondering when a fixed ladder requires fall protection, which forms of ladder fall protection are OSHA compliant, or if ladder cages still comply with OSHA’s revised ruling, we have just the post for you…..

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Did You Know?

Any fall protection anchor must be independent of any anchorage used to support or suspend platforms?