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New OSHA Regulations for Window Washing Anchors and Rope Descent Systems

By now, you’ve probably heard about OSHA’s revised Walking-Working Surfaces regulations.  Many of the articles published on this topic explore the deadlines to convert from ladder cages to ladder safety systems (we recently published an e-book that discusses the new ladder regulations).  Make no mistake—the revised fixed ladder requirements are significant, but the new OSHA regulations cover additional ground that will impact employers and property owners nationwide.    In this post, we’ll look at the new Walking-Working Surfaces regulations as they relate to the use rope descent systems (RDS) and window washing anchors. 

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Fall Protection System Inspection and Recertification

News regarding stepped up enforcement, and higher OSHA penalties have more folks thinking about fall protection.  Employers are doing a better job providing fall protection systems for their employees, but a system’s presence is no guarantee of safety.  Corroded, worn, or loose components can cause a potentially catastrophic system failure.  What’s more, the use of improper components during the design phase or connecting the system to inadequate structure can lead to the same.  For all of these reasons, OSHA regulations and ANSI standards recommend annual system inspections performed by a qualified individual.

Most of our recertification work focuses on our systems, but we also field requests to recertify systems designed and installed by other vendors.  We can inspect and recertify these systems, but the process requires some additional steps you may not have considered. 

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When Should I Replace My Lanyard?

We recently received an email about the useful service life for lanyards.  The client was confused because the service life for PPE isn’t clearly spelled out in the OSHA regulations or in ANSI standards.  So how long can you expect a lanyard to last, and when should you replace it?

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Did You Know?

A fall from an unprotected loading dock can cause serious injury or death?