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Part of Complete Loading Dock Safety Planning

As we approach the Industrial Truck Association’s National Forklift Safety Day, it is a good time to think in broad terms about loading dock safety.

Your company’s loading dock can be a busy place with a lot of distractions. It is also potentially one of the most dangerous – there is staggering statistical evidence confirming the dangers at the loading dock. OSHA statistics indicate that there are roughly 85 fatalities, 35,000 serious injuries, and 95,000 overall incidents involving a forklift each year, which lead to losses of $135 million in direct costs and another $650 million in indirect costs.

Having established procedures to help “control the chaos” is the starting point to create a safer work environment.  Procedures and methods can include writing and following a safe sequence of operation for forklift drivers and those entering the traffic zone, using motion-sensors, LED lights, and audible alarms to alert foot traffic.

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Learning More About Rooftop and Loading Dock Fall Protection – New LORGATE and LORGUARD Literature Now Available

LORGUARD TileAt Diversified Fall Protection, we are committed to teaching our clients about important ways to mitigate rooftop and loading dock falls in their facilities. We teach via in-person visits, through our websites ( and, video, and a variety of printed materials.

Although many of our clients associate the DFP brand with custom-engineered fall protection systems, we also offer a line of pre-engineered, OSHA compliant fall protection solutions designed for rooftop and loading dock applications.   LORGUARD is a non-penetrating, free standing rooftop guardrail system that is designed both for temporary and permanent application.  Diversified Fall Protection also offers LORGATE, a rolling loading dock safety gate that protects the leading edges found in shipping and receiving areas.  We just released four new pieces of literature describing the uses and benefits of these innovative fall protection systems:

Each of these pieces is in a PDF format that allows users to save the information to their computers or print the deliverables out for later reference. For pricing information, or to place a LORGUARD or LORGATE purchase online, please visit our e-commerce enabled website,

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Video Learning Series: The LORGATE Loading Dock Safety Railing System

Regular Tech Talk Blog readers may have noticed a recent post announcing the launch of our new e-commerce website offering rooftop guardrail  and loading dock safety railing systems. The fall protection systems featured at are easy to install and simple to use, but don’t just take our word on this.  If eliminating fall hazards from your shipping and receiving area is a priority for your facility, check out our new LORGATE video below.

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Diversified Announces Launch of New E-Commerce Website

Most of our regular customers associate Diversified Fall Protection with highly engineered, application specific fall protection systems.  We’ve spent the better part of 20 years designing, fabricating, and installing fall protection systems for the facilities all over the world.  With this said, there are times when an engineered fall protection system isn’t the best solution.  If you want some good examples,  look no further than your rooftop.  The rooftops found in industrial parks are dotted with HVAC equipment, air handling systems, roof hatches, elevation changes, and unprotected leading edges.  Many of these rooftop areas present fall hazards that can be mitigated with the use of guardrail or a safety railing system.


Visit for all of your safety railing needs.

For a number of years, we have promoted our free-standing LORGUARD guardrail system on the Diversified Fall Protection website.  Since we receive numerous requests for pricing on our rooftop safety railing systems, we decided to create a new e-commerce enabled website so our customers can purchase online.  In addition to portable guardrail, the site also features our LORGATE loading dock safety gate system.

Check-out is convenient…and our site even calculates your freight charges.  Whether you simply need preliminary pricing information for budgetary purposes or you are ready to purchase today, remember to make our new website your one-stop-shop for all your rooftop and loading dock safety railing needs.

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Did You Know?

All guardrail that is protecting an opening or leading edge must be able to support 200 pounds on the top rail and 150 pounds on the midrail in any direction?