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Credentials Matter: How to Choose a Fall Protection Partner – Offshore Drilling Platforms

fall protection for offshore rigs and platformsLooking at pictures and drawings of your drilling platforms is a great starting point when designing an engineered fall protection solution for an offshore oil rig, but experiencing your working conditions and seeing potential fall hazards first hand is critical to implementing an effective, engineered fall protection solution.  Being able to describe your specifics needs and then show the complexities of your situation to a fall protection engineer offers the best chances for an effective solution, but there is an important catch:  not all field engineers have the proper credentials needed to work on offshore drilling platforms.  What’s more, even in the absence of specific regulations concerning who may step foot on your rigs, do you want outside contractors who lack the necessary training working on your rigs?

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Did You Know?

When stopping a fall, personal fall arrest systems must limit the maximum arresting force on the body to 1,800 pounds?