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New Modular Track System

Modular Track Fall Protection SystemDiversified Fall Protection (DFP) is proud to announce the addition of a new track system into our already robust line of Rigid Beam and Rigid Track Fall Protection Systems.

DFP’s new Modular Track System, as the name [modular] implies, increases your workers range of motion and therefore, the amount of activity they can complete as a direct result of its’ engineered design.  Structured to provide continuous fall protection in areas with multiple obstructions, the new Modular Track System smoothly transports your worker (hands free) without the need for the worker to un-clip themselves as they travel along the system.

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Fall Protection Basics: Differences Between Rigid and Lifeline Systems

If you have discovered a potential fall hazard in your facility, you may automatically assume that a lifeline system is the solution.  Although horizontal lifeline systems are ideal for many applications, there are situations where a rigid fall protection system is recommended.  Ready to learn more?  Click the video below to learn more about the differences between these two approaches to fall protection.

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Did You Know?

A fall from an unprotected loading dock can cause serious injury or death?