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How To Get Your Fall Protection Budget Approved

Let’s assume you have contacted a fall protection company about a fall hazard at your facility. They have completed the site visit and proposed a viable solution, but you fear your funding won’t be approved by your management team.  If this scenario sounds familiar, you aren’t alone. The good news is that using language that resonates with management improves your odds of approval by leaps and bounds.  Here’s why…

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What You Can Learn From Another Company’s Willful Neglect For Workplace Safety

Four months ago, OSHA cited Material Handling Systems/MHS Technical Services for failure to provide fall protection for their employees working on conveyor systems at an Illinois United Parcel Service facility.   Last month, a 42-year-old MHS employee fell 22 feet to his death at the same UPS facility.  OSHA has fined MHS $320,000 due to the company’s “serial disregard of fall protection.”

We are dedicating a Tech Talk post to this tragic story because it tells a cautionary tale we should all heed.  For starters, the accident victim could have been your father, son, or husband—and this is a workplace death that could have been prevented. 

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Explore OSHA’s Hazard Awareness Advisor

osha logoThe Occupational  Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has just introduced a new online tool  called The Hazard Awareness Advisor that introduces small business owners and EHS managers to common occupational safety and health hazards. By filling out a brief online survey, users can generate a report detailing many, BUT NOT ALL, of the applicable OSHA regulations and potential facility hazards–including potential fall hazards.  Remember, the tool relies on user input, so the recommendations are only as good as the supplied information.  We should also note that this resource is not a substitute for consulting a qualified occupational safety and health professional.

An online tool can never replace the knowledge and expertise that safety professionals bring to the table, but if you are looking for a resource tool to get started, spend some time exploring the Hazard Awareness Advisor.  Or, if you would like to discuss arranging a site visit and fall hazard assessment with one of our safety specialists, contact Diversified Fall Protection for further assistance.

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Did You Know?

When stopping a fall, personal fall arrest systems must limit the maximum arresting force on the body to 1,800 pounds?