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Guard Against Falls and Fines with OSHA Compliant Skylight Guards

skylight guards on roof

Although skylights create an attractive natural light source in any commercial facility, that light can compromise safety without the proper fall protection. Skylights pose significant risks to employee safety during rooftop maintenance and potentially jeopardize OSHA compliance. If you don’t have tested and certified fall safety systems in place, you could get hit with OSHA violations and heavily fined. Even worse, your rooftop workers could fall through your skylight and become seriously injured.

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Skylight Guardrail Fall Protection

Skylight Without Fall ProtectionDuring rooftop safety assessments, we often ask our clients to point out known fall hazards.  The most frequently mentioned rooftop fall hazard is the building’s leading edge.  From here, some clients mention roof elevation changes or access hatches, but most struggle to identify additional fall hazards that may trigger OSHA violations.  Sometimes the most innocuous feature—for example, a skylight—is the most troublesome omission because folks fail to see the potential dangers posed by areas that appear safe. 

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Did You Know?

Any fall protection anchor must be independent of any anchorage used to support or suspend platforms?