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Fall Protection for Warehousing & Distribution Center Applications

Increasing the quantity of goods moving through your organization’s warehousing and distribution centers–and the speed with which these items move through your supply chain–is vital to improving the bottom line. That said, from a safety perspective, ramped up activity in your distribution centers also increases your organization’s exposure to potential losses.  If you ask a seasoned warehousing EHS professional for a list of the most costly potential hazards their employees face, chances are good forklift accidents will top the list. The OSHA statistics bear out this claim; warehouses and distribution centers report 100 fork-truck related fatalities and 95,000 lift truck injuries each year.  What these same safety professionals tend to overlook is the potential lost time injuries and fatalities associated with fall hazards.

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Did You Know?

Using chain to guard any loading docks does not meet the OSHA regulation of a rail to be able to withstand a force of 200 pounds in any direction?