Fall Protection Site Assessments

As someone accountable for safety, there is enormous pressure to keep your work force safe while operating at maximum efficiency.  In addition, as an occupational safety professional, you are challenged to comply with OSHA regulations and develop a comprehensive plan to keep your personnel safe while working at heights.  By partnering with Diversified Fall Protection to assess your fall hazards, you benefit from:

  • Working with an organization that has deep knowledge in fall protection across a wide spectrum of industries and applications
  • Access to individuals defined by OSHA as a “qualified person” based on our specific fall protection training and experience
  • Our support and expertise shifts the burden of designing and deploying a fall protection system off your organization, allowing you to focus on your core duties

There is not a single “universal fit” to mitigate all fall hazards. Truly gauging the likelihood of a fall taking place involves looking at the specifics of the work environment, including height at which tasks are performed, the frequency with which the area is accessed, as well as the number, size, and age of the employees using the area in question.  In many instances, our safety specialists uncover fall hazards in areas that have traditionally been deemed as safe locations.  By commissioning a fall hazard assessment, your deliverable will include documentation identifying the fall hazards specific to your facility, recommended remediation steps, and a proposed budget to improve the safety and OSHA compliance of your facility.

Did you know…

A “qualified person” is defined by OSHA regulation 29 CFR 1926.32 (m) as someone “… who, by possession of a recognized degree, certificate, or professional standing, or who by extensive knowledge, training, and experience, has successfully demonstrated his ability to solve or resolve problems relating to the subject matter, work, or the project.”