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Roof Guardrail Systems & Safety Railing

Simple, cost-effective fall protection

Roof guardrail systems provide easy-to-use leading edge fall protection for a variety of applications, including rooftops, mezzanines, stairs, access platforms, gangways, and loading docks just to name a few.

From temporary, free-standing safety railing systems to permanent installations, guardrail solutions can keep your employees safe and your facility in compliance with all OSHA fall protection regulations.

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Types of Roof Guardrail Systems

Diversified provides rooftop guardrail systems and products in a range of sizes, styles, colors, and finishes.

Roof Guardrail Applications

Whether it's on a rooftop, a loading dock, a mezzanine, guardrail is the ultimate passive solution to protecting workers and maintaining OSHA compliance.

  • Rooftop Applications

    Rooftop guardrail installs easily along roof edges, preventing falls.

  • Mezzanines

    Workers on indoor or outdoor mezzanines benefit from the installation of safety railing solutions.

  • Roof Hatches

    Eliminate fall hazards into roof hatches with guardrails.

  • Access Platforms and Walkways

    Protect workers while permitting access to platforms, walkways, or equipment.

  • Loading Docks

    Protect against falls from loading docks with safety gates.

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Benefits of Roof Guardrail Systems

  • Cost Effective

    Guardrail is often less expensive than an engineered fall arrest system, and installation is fast and easy. Guardrail is also easy to use.

  • No Harness Necessary

    Unlike other forms of fall protection, roof guardrails don't require workers to wear body harnesses and connect to the system via a self-retracting lifeline or shock-absorbing lanyard.

  • Less Training Required

    Your workers are protected from the moment they set foot on your roof, and you’ll save on training and annual recertification costs over time.

  • Non-Penetrating Design

    Protect your roof from leaks with non-penetrating rooftop guardrail systems.

  • Made in the USA

    Save money on freight and shipping while you support American manufacturing. Diversified Fall Protection manufactures all guardrail systems domestically.

Expert Guardrail Installation and Advice

Whether you need portable guardrail for a rooftop application or a permanently attached guardrail system, the safety experts at Diversified can recommend a safety railing system to meet your needs and budget.

Diversified Fall Protection is a complete turnkey provider of OSHA-compliant fall protection systems and has years of experience designing and installing roof guardrail systems. Contact us for expert assistance with your fall arrest, fall restraint and fall protection requirements.

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Roof Guardrail Design Considerations

For rooftop installations, DFP can design and install a variety of non-penetrating guardrail systems to prevent leaks. Care must be taken when specifying weighted base guardrail systems to consider loads applied to the deck.

Regardless of location or mounting style, the top rail must be rated to withstand a force of at least 200 lbs.; the mid-rail must be rated at 150 lbs. Swing gates can be used in conjunction with guardrail systems to provide easy access to rooftop hatches and other openings.

The use of a toeboard is recommended in areas such as mezzanines and access platforms where dropped items may fall and strike individuals working below. Guardrail systems may be powder-coated safety yellow for high visibility or utilize custom colors to match or blend into the surroundings.

Roof Guardrail FAQs

  • OSHA requires guardrail to be 6 feet from the edge.

    Guardrail is also required to have a top edge that is a minimum of 42 inches in height (plus or minus 3 inches), with rails installed at mid-height. The railing system must be able to withstand 200 lbs. of force in any outward or downward direction.

  • Guardrail is required by OSHA when there is a drop of 48 inches or more.

  • Your selection of roof guardrail should take into account your roofing material and desire for penetrating or non-penetrating roof guardrail systems. Consider whether you are seeking a long-term solution or a temporary one, which is easy to set up and remove. Non-penetrating roof guardrail works for both temporary and permanent installations.

  • To build roof guardrail systems, you must have vertical posts spaced no more than 6 feet on center, with top railings of 39-45 inches in height. Midrails when used must be spaced midway between the walking surface and the top edge.

    It’s possible to build or install a roof guardrail system quickly and easily using products from Diversified Fall Protection. An even simpler solution is a turnkey roof guardrail system which offers OSHA-compliant fall protection with no hassle and no fuss.

  • Passive fall protection, like guardrail, means that there is no special training, equipment, or required action on the worker's part needed to be protected from a fall. It also means that the equipment doesn't need to be regularly tested and certified like active fall protection systems do.

Safety Regulations and Standards

Regulations for fall protection systems and equipment are constantly changing. When you partner with Diversified Fall Protection, you can ensure your company is in compliance. We keep you updated when there are changes to current standards and provide regular fall safety inspections to keep your systems up to date.

Explore the important regulations you should know when it comes to your fall protection system.

View All OSHA Regulations & ANSI Standards

  • “They’ve been good partners to me. Any contractor would be pleased with the products and level of service they offer. When it comes to fall protection, they take the load off.”

    Bart Singer
    Engineer at Berry Plastics

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