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General Industry and Machine Maintenance Fall Protection

Industrial settings and machine maintenance require fall protection when workers are exposed to fall hazards at heights of 48 inches (4 feet) or higher.  Although a fall of 4 feet may seem inconsequential to some, working at elevations of 4 feet or more are very common in industrial environments and significant injuries and deaths occur from heights of 4 feet or less every year.

Providing a safe production environment for workers and maintenance staff in the industrial sector requires the implementation of a comprehensive fall prevention strategy, which includes the proper mix of fall protection equipment, personnel training, and partnering with a fall protection company that appreciates the unique nature of your facilities access points and potential fall hazards.

We are a complete turnkey provider of industrial fall protection systems and have years of design and installation experience in this broad based market sector.  Contact us for expert assistance with your fall arrest, fall restraint and fall protection requirements.


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