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Fall Protection Services

Strategic Support for Your Engineered Fall Safety System

Fall protection is always application and situation specific. At Diversified Fall Protection, we have helped mitigate fall hazards in thousands of industrial, commercial, construction and public sector settings. As a true turnkey fall protection system and equipment provider, our approach to workplace safety covers everything from building risk management awareness to ongoing training and support.

When you partner with DFP, you can rely on fall protection equipment that meets and exceeds OSHA regulations and ANSI standards while you receive thorough maintenance and technical support to keep your employees safe. Explore our complete service offerings below or reach out to talk to a fall protection specialist today.

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Services & Support

  • Fall Hazard Assessments

    Rather than reacting to accidents or OSHA and ANSI citations, request a proactive fall hazard assessment today.

    View fall hazard assessments
  • Virtual Fall Hazard Assessments

    Identify and inspect critical fall hazards and potential solutions without an in-person visit to your facility.

    View virtual fall hazard assessments
  • Engineering Site Assessment

    Request a visit from our engineers, where they will give on-location analysis of specific fall hazards and provide specific recommendations.

    View engineering site assessment
  • Project Management

    With a dedicated support team, project management is a cornerstone of DFP’s turnkey approach.

    View project management
  • Design & Engineering

    Our in-house P.E.s and structural engineers design application-specific fall protection equipment.

    View design & engineering
  • Fabrication

    Certified fabrication services from DFP conform with AWS structural welding codes for OSHA compliance.

    View fabrication
  • Installation

    Work with technicians who have vast experience installing a complete range of fall safety solutions.

    View installation
  • Training

    Establish workplace safety policies and train employees on the proper use of fall protection systems.

    View training
  • Inspections & Recertifications

    With annual fall safety inspections and recertifications from DFP, your system becomes our liability.

    View inspections & recertifications

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Tell us about your fall protection needs, and we’ll configure a system that rises to your challenges.