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Retail Fall Protection Equipment

Retail workers and maintenance personnel need fall arrest systems that will protect them from the daily hazards of working at heights. OSHA requires that retail workers be prevented from falling off overhead platforms and other elevated surfaces. Loading and unloading, gangway and catwalk travel, and trips and slips all require fall protection equipment. Diversified Fall Protection understands the unique challenges facing the retail industry and is equipped to provide fall prevention strategies and solutions that meet your application’s needs.

Fall Protection Solutions

Design Considerations

The retail industry poses many design challenges from a fall protection viewpoint. Whether it’s fall hazards at loading ramps and docks, rooftop safety concerns, or interior and exterior elevation differences, maintenance personnel at retail facilities require fall protection and fall arrest devices that are compatible, effective, easy to use, and OSHA compliant.

Other design considerations for retail facilities include unique architectural details, such as unusual rooflines, atriums, and skylights, which require specialized solutions such as non-penetrating systems and modular configurations.

Diversified Fall Protection combines deep knowledge of the safety challenges facing the retail industry with on-site safety assessments and custom engineered solutions.

OSHA Regulations & ANSI Standards

Regulations for fall protection systems and equipment are constantly changing. With so much on the line, find up-to date information to ensure your company is in compliance.

Walking Working Surfaces – 1910

Safety and Health Regulations for Construction – 1926

ANSI Z359 Fall Protection Codes

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