Fall Protection System Inspection / Re-Certification

Inspection and Re-Certification of Fall Protection Systems

After completing installation of any fall arrest system or fall protection equipment, all components are inspected and certified. Certification documents that your fall protection system and all related personal protection equipment (PPE) meets OSHA regulations. Proper signage verifies the system’s tested capabilities and operational limits and informs outside inspectors that the system has been designed and tested by an OSHA-defined “Qualified Person.”  DFP also provides all clients with a complete systems installation manual and binder.

Due to the highly technical nature of fall protection systems, OSHA regulations and ANSI standards recommend annual system inspections performed by a qualified individual. Since 1994, Diversified Fall Protection has provided customers with a complete, turnkey source for fall protection services including certifying the safety of systems and their components. If during a periodic safety equipment inspection, any component of your fall arrest or fall protection system is determined to be damaged, our skilled safety technicians perform necessary repairs. DFP personnel can also provide system training to keep your employees aware of proper use and industry best practices. The combination of these services helps to keep your employees safe and provides your company the up-to-date training and inspection documentation required by OSHA and recommended by ANSI Z359.6. For more information on fall protection system inspection and re-certification, we suggest the following links in our blog:

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Fall Protection System Inspection and Re-Certification

Did You Know?

In general Industry, any leading edge that is four feet or higher than the surface below must be protected from fall hazards?