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Access and Rooftop Ladder Fall Protection Systems

Reach New Heights in Fall Protection with Engineered Ladder Systems

Countless accidents occur when workers lose their footing while carrying tools and materials up fixed ladders, especially in inclement weather. These accidents can be prevented using ladder fall protection solutions from Diversified Fall Protection.

A vertical lifeline is a cable based ladder safety system with a shuttle that connects to a worker’s harness D-ring. The shuttle serves as a mobile anchor point that travels with the worker as they make their way up and down the ladder. In the event of a slip, the traveler engages the cable and arrests the worker's fall.

OSHA requires that all ladders over 24 feet have a personal fall protection system in place. Contact Diversified Fall Protection for information on how we can help ensure your rooftop or access ladder system is compliant and safe.

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In addition to providing vertical lifelines, Diversified also manufactures the EZ Fixed Access Ladder System. EZ Series ladders reduce installation times by 50% with adjustable stand-off brackets that eliminate field modification of permanently welded mounting brackets when obstructions interfere with ladder installations.

Prevent accidents, injuries and loss with OSHA-compliant ladders and ladder safety systems from DFP.

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