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Barge Ship Fall Protection

Marine workers are exposed to numerous fall hazards, the risks of which are heightened by moving waters below. Fall protection solutions for dock, ship, and barge safety must account for the complexity of floating vessels, the effects of ice, rain, and snow, and the location of nearby structures that can make installation difficult.

Ship and barge safety solutions from Diversified Fall Protection provide the highest degree of protection while permitting maximum mobility. For docked barge applications, DFP offers a variety of fall protection solutions, including overhead rigid rail systems. Innovative designs utilize our patented TD3 triangular trusses which allow for longer spans between columns — reducing both cost and footprint. Diversified Fall Protection also offers permanently attached lifeline solutions to protect workers when barges are not docked.

Whether your application is a new fabrication, a repair, or the day-to-day operation of a ship or barge, keeping workers safe at heights requires comprehensive fall prevention.

Diversified Fall Protection provides expert engineering, design, installation and training to ensure correct use and continued safety. DFP will conduct a thorough onsite inspection to recommend a tailored solution for your needs. Schedule a site evaluation to learn how DFP can help you safeguard your ship or barge application.

Fall Protection Solutions

Design Considerations

Barge and dock fall protection systems must be engineered and installed in a way that will not interfere with conveyors, cranes, and other loading equipment.

Because ship and barge applications usually involve working at heights and on narrow walkways, slip-resistant treads and gratings are useful for minimizing the effects of water, snow, and ice. Ship safety equipment may include access platforms, gangways, rigid beam trolleys, horizontal lifelines, and single-point anchor systems. Seafaring fall safety systems should be fabricated from corrosion-resistant materials suitable for use in the presence of water and salt.

Maritime safety considerations should also factor in confined space hazards as well as descent and rescue options for personnel working near open cargo holds.

With years of experience in the shipping industry, Diversified Fall Protection has the expertise necessary to implement a turnkey fall protection system that keeps employees safe and your vessels in compliance with all OSHA regulations.

OSHA Regulations & ANSI Standards

Regulations for fall protection systems and equipment are constantly changing. With so much on the line, find up-to date information to ensure your company is in compliance.

Walking Working Surfaces – 1910

Safety and Health Regulations for Construction – 1926

ANSI Z359 Fall Protection Codes

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