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    Roof Fall Protection

    Keep your employees and contractors safe on the job with roof safety solutions

    OSHA general industry regulations require fall protection for workers performing tasks at heights of four feet or more – and this includes your roof. Falls are the leading cause of occupational injuries and fatalities each year, and the financial losses associated with a single incident far exceed the investment in rooftop fall protection.

    Every rooftop work environment presents different fall safety challenges. By partnering with a fall protection company familiar with the unique nature of rooftop fall hazards, you can achieve cost effective solutions that ensure worker safety and OSHA/ANSI compliance without compromising productivity.

    Explore our roof safety solutions below or contact the experienced team at Diversified Fall Protection to configure your system today.

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    Systems for Rooftop Protection

    We offer a wide range of roof safety solutions, from non-penetrating, weighted base guardrail and skylight guards to engineered horizontal lifelines and single point anchors. Ensure OSHA compliance and safe roof access with a fall protection system from the safety specialists at DFP.

    • Single Point Anchors

      Permanent and portable single point anchors to meet your rooftop fall protection needs.

      View single point anchors
    • Guardrail

      Keep your employees safe and your facility in compliance with LORGUARD safety railing.

      View guardrail
    • Horizontal Lifelines

      Protect your people, your property and your bottom line with a horizontal lifeline.

      View horizontal lifelines
    • Rooftop Walkways & Crossovers

      Guide the way to employee safety and protect your roof from excessive foot traffic.

      View rooftop walkways
    • Skylight Screens

      Let light into your facility while keeping employees and contractors protected.

      View skylight screens
    • Vertical Lifelines

      Safeguard employees utilizing fixed ladders to access rooftops with vertical lifelines.

      View vertical lifelines
    • Warning Lines

      Define designated work areas to protect personnel from hazards and dangerous areas.

      View warning lines

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