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Utilities and Energy

Infrastructure and solutions supporting global energy needs takes many forms, but there is one requirement that is consistent, the need for clear fall protection plans and user friendly systems. Fall protection not only keeps your plant workers safe and your operation OSHA compliant, but it also helps to ensure your business is kept online.

There are standard maintenance procedures that are required to keep your operation running. Quite often these procedures require employees to work at heights where there is an elevation change of 6 feet. For example, working on a roof, walking across a catwalk or climbing a ladder to get to where the operator needs to go to do their job whether it is servicing pumps, valves, turbines or motors. In all of these cases, fall protection is required. Diversified Fall Protection takes prides in understanding the user’s requirements and operational procedures when designing a system for our power and utilities clients. Our deep experience provides us with the perspective to recommend solutions that do not interfere with daily operations and at times, our systems deliver efficiencies that make their job easier.


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