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There is no one-size-fits-all approach to fall protection

Every facility with employees and contractors working at heights must support worksite safety with OSHA compliant fall protection. Choosing the right system for your application, however, can be a challenge. From cable based lifelines and rigid rail systems to roof fall protection and portable safety solutions, you have many fall protection options to consider.

Fortunately, the Diversified Fall Protection team can engineer safety solutions to meet the fall protection challenges unique to your industry. Tell us about your facility and work processes, and we can design, fabricate and install a custom solution that meets your needs.

Explore our solutions by industry or reach out today to start your project.

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Industries Served

  • Agriculture & Mining

    Each year, falls are cited as one of the most common causes of injuries and fatalities among workers in the agriculture and mining industries.

    View agriculture & mining
  • Aircraft & Aerospace

    Providing a safe environment for employees working on aircraft wings and fuselages requires a comprehensive fall prevention strategy.

    View aircraft & aerospace
  • Construction

    From steel erection to roofing and general commercial and residential construction, construction workers are exposed to job site fall hazards on a daily basis.

    View construction
  • Government & Military

    Federal, state and local government buildings, as well as DoD and military installations all require fall protection systems to safeguard personnel while working at heights.

    View government & military
  • Grain and Feed

    The patented Triangle Truss System was developed over 20 years ago to provide industry-leading solutions to clients in the feed and grain industry.

    View solutions for the feed and grain industries
  • Health Care & Education

    Colleges, universities, schools and hospitals present a number of facilities maintenance issues that require personnel to work at heights and in confined spaces.

    View health care & education
  • Industrial Applications

    Working at elevations of four feet or more is common in industrial environments, and significant injuries and deaths occur from worksite falls every year.

    View industrial applications
  • Oil, Gas & Chemical

    Chemical, petrochemical and refining applications require safe access to pipe racks, clarifiers, below grade boilers, offshore drilling rigs and more.

    View oil, gas & chemical
  • Road & Rail

    On our nation’s roads and railway systems, loading, unloading and maintenance processes put service personnel at risk while working at heights.

    View road & rail
  • Stadiums & Recreation

    Keep employees safe during maintenance and inspections of stadiums, arenas, convention centers, casinos, theme parks and more.

    View stadiums & recreation
  • Ships & Barges

    Barges, ships and freighters rely on a vast national network of rivers to transport products and materials. Support safety along the journey.

    View ships & barges
  • Steel & Foundry

    When foundry and steel mill ladle cranes fail, it compromises not only employee safety but also production schedules and profitability.

    View steel & foundry
  • Utilities & Energy

    Infrastructure for energy and utilities takes many forms, but the need for safe and reliable fall protection is universal.

    View utilities & energy
  • Window Washing & Suspended Rope Access

    High-rise façade maintenance requires reliable protection for employees and contractors utilizing suspended rope access systems.

    View window washing

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