Virtual Rooftop Fall Hazard Assessment

Virtual Rooftop Fall Hazard Assessment: OSHA Compliance Simplified

Do you know you need a rooftop fall protection program, but are struggling with where to start?

Or are you finding it difficult to maintain momentum on your fall protection program during the COVID-19 facilities shutdown?

If you answered yes to either of these questions, you should take advantage of DFP’s exclusive program allowing our fall protection specialists to identify critical roof fall hazards and potential solutions without visiting your facility.

For several years, our safety engineers have used satellite and aerial imaging to identify rooftop fall hazards. During the COVID-19 pandemic, due to concerns over travel as well as restrictions on visits from non-essential vendors, our proven virtual site visits make more sense than ever.

No Charge to Your Company for Our Assessment

Armed with nothing more than a physical address and a commitment from you to spend a half hour discussing the type and frequency of work performed on the roof, we can identify your roof hazards and prepare a detailed plan outlining proposed solutions and related costs.

Below you can see a sample diagram for a roof analyzed via a virtual site visit:
Virtual Rooftop Assesment

Advantages of Virtual Rooftop Assessments

Although your organization may not be ready to get started on a rooftop fall protection just yet, a virtual rooftop visit with a DFP safety specialist can jumpstart your fall protection project with accurate requirements and budget parameters.

With a finished deliverable prepared by your Diversified Fall Protection safety specialist in hand, you’ll be prepared when it’s time to submit your fall protection budget for internal approval.

Even for safety specialists currently working offsite, making time for a safe, contact-free fall hazard assessment is a way to keep projects moving forward.

Parting Thoughts

It is important to remember that while a virtual roof survey is an excellent way to generate a preliminary budgetary number for your project, an on-site visit can still help us better capture information (e.g., elevation changes and roof pitch) required to finalize project scope and related costs. That said, any preparatory work done prior to commencement of a formal budgeting process will keep advancing your project. Fill out the form on this page or call 1-844-958-1144 to schedule a virtual rooftop assessment.

Did You Know?

Any fall protection anchor must be able to support 5,000 pounds unless designed by a qualified person?