Fall Protection System Installation

Installing Fall Arrest, Fall Prevention and Fall Protection Equipment

Diversified Fall Protection’s experienced field crews have installed a wide range of fall protection and fall arrest systems in hundreds of settings. Installations range from 150 foot vertical ladder safety systems, to structural steel systems connecting horizontal lifelines over rail cars and tank trucks, to crane rail safety systems spanning over 1,650 feet.

Our technical crew can take complete responsibility for performing an installation, or fabricated parts can be shipped to your facility for installation by your staff. In either case installation drawings containing engineering details are prepared by certified engineers, experienced with the fall arrest and protection systems and equipment specified.

Since 1994, Diversified Fall Protection has provided customers with a complete, turnkey source for fall protection services. Today, you can rely on us to protect your workers with application-specific products and services that include fall arrest and fall restraint systems and personal protective equipment selection and installation. DFP installation experts are available to assist you anywhere in the world.

Did you know…

OSHA references specific welding / fabrication requirements in 1910.27(b)(6) —Welding.” All welding shall be in accordance with the “Code for Welding in Building Construction” (AWSD1.0-1966).

Did You Know?

All skylight screens must be able to support 200 pounds in a perpendicular direction?