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Rooftop Ladder (Roof Access Ladders)

roof ladders, roof ladder, rooftop access laddersEZ Series Roof Access Ladder Systems (US Patent # 11,142,951) from Diversified Fall Protection solve all of the problems associated with the commercially available rooftop ladder solutions found on the market today. Designed with Set and Bolt Technology for precise placement and adjustment of stand off brackets, Diversified’s revolutionary access ladder design eliminates field modification of stand off brackets. Say good-bye to modifying permanently welded stand-off brackets when obstructions interfere with ladder installation. Every EZ Series Fixed Access Ladder complies with OSHA’s revised 1910.23 regulations for ladders and carries a limited lifetime warranty. Choose Diversified for all your rooftop access ladder needs – we offer the fastest installing, easiest climbing, and longest lasting fixed ladder available!

Install in three easy steps:

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Better Rooftop Access Ladders By Design

We used our knowledge base amassed during thousands of ladder installations to come up with a laundry list of common pain points. Traditional, commercially available roof access ladders typically require field fabrication, which results in slower–and more costly labor charges. These same ladders are difficult to climb once installed too. We took this information and challenged our engineering department to create a better ladder.

Features EZ Series Ladders Competing Brands
Rung Width 20" 16"
Walk Through 30" 24"
Stand Off Brackets Bolt On, With Vertical/Horizontal Adjustability Permanently Welded
Floor/Bottom Mount Yes No
Side Rail Construction 3" Flat Stock 2" x 2" Angle
Standard Finish Hot Dip Galvanized Powder Coated
Freight Costs 10' Max Modular Sections Reduce Freight Costs Over Length LTL Surcharges Apply

Design Considerations

Engineered side rails and mounting hardware reduce installation times by 50%

  • Side rail hole pattern allows for bolted splice connections
  • Adjustable stand offs
  • Bolted connections minimize field fab modifications

Manufactured with faster, safer climbs in mind

  • Widest rail to rail and terminal pass through dimensions in the industry provides safe access and easily accommodates vertical lifeline installation
  • Flat stock side rails for secure hand holds
  • Grooved rungs for enhanced traction

Built For the Long Haul

  • Carbon steel with standard hot dip galvanized finish outlasts powder coated ladders
  • The only fixed access ladder with a limited lifetime warranty
  • Made in the USA

Optional Accessories

  • Bolt On Walk Throughs
  • P-Returns
  • Safety Gates
  • Ladder Guards
  • Parapet Crossovers & Step Systems
  • Ladder Lifeline Systems

Available Sizes

Height Standard Ladder Ladder Plus 42" Walk Through
5' FL-5 FL-5-WT
6' FL-6 FL-6-WT
7' FL-7 FL-7-WT
8' FL-8 FL-8-WT
9' FL-9 FL-9-WT
10' FL-10 FL-10-WT
11' FL-11 FL-11-WT
12' FL-12 FL-12-WT
13' FL-13 FL-13-WT
14' FL-14 FL-14-WT
15' FL-15 FL-15-WT
16' FL-16 FL-16-WT
17' FL-17 FL-17-WT
18' FL-18 FL-18-WT
19' FL-19 FL-19-WT
20' FL-20 FL-20-WT
21' FL-21 FL-21-WT
22' FL-22 FL-22-WT
23' FL-23 FL-23-WT
24' FL-24 FL-24-WT
25' FL-25 FL-25-WT
26' FL-26 FL-26-WT
27' FL-27 FL-27-WT
28' FL-28 FL-28-WT
29' FL-29 FL-29-WT
30' FL-30 FL-30-WT

Additional sizes available upon request.

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