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DFP Employee Spotlight: Kathy Lipcsik Promoted to Project Coordinator

Sep 15, 2014 7:11:49 AM

After one year of employment at Diversified Fall Protection, Kathy Lipcsik has been promoted to Project Coordinator in the office of Project Management.  Previously, Lipcsik held the position of Project Assistant before being promoted to this high-level role.

And while Lipcsik has supported the Project Management office in managing a multi-million dollar portfolio of fall protection systems and personal protective equipment for organizations all over the world, Lipcsik’s value comes from the unattainable principle of “being driven everyday”, notes Project Manager Dan Keough. “Kathy operates in the most efficient capacity a project manager can because she is steps ahead of the game and that’s a quality we all wish we had,” Keough admiringly announces.

Reflecting on this special equation that equals [Lipcsik], Kathy is visibly embarrassed but recovers with the eloquence and business acumen that’s expected of her – expectations she’s independently established: “To truly understand a project managers worth you have to review their portfolio and ask the clients how they’ve helped them achieve their own goals,” teaches Lipcsik. “You know, project management is like taking a basket full of balls and just throwing it up in the air (intensely animating boom, boom, boom)…making sure that every single ball lands perfectly in succession throughout the entire timeline. Some will want to bounce out in a different direction, “continues Lipcsik, “and that’s when your value comes into play…that’s when [you are truly tested] in measuring how you reel them back in.”

Married for twenty-seven years with children and an adopted one hundred and twenty pound Great Dane/German Shepard mix dog, Lipcsik cruises the Greater Cleveland Area on her motorcycle and has traveled all over Europe.  Relishing eccentric pleasures like waking up in a different cruise home port every day, Lipcsik enjoys her personal life with the same meticulous conviction and care that earned her the Project Coordinator promotion.

About Diversified Fall Protection

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