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Fall Protection Specifications for Engineers and Architects Now Available

Aug 27, 2013 5:23:11 AM

Specifications are one of the most important aspects of every engineered fall protection system we quote, design, and install.  Your architect needs proper specifications to ensure that fall protection systems meet OSHA requirements without detracting from the visual appearance of your building.  Your engineering team needs confidence that the fall protection system will protect workers and minimize structural damage in the event of a fall.  Finally, you will need to effectively communicate your fall protection requirements when the project goes out for bids so that everyone understands how the system is intended to function.  In short, specifications spell out how your system will look once installed….how it will operate…and they are a primary driver of project cost. When potential clients ask us to explain wide discrepancies in quotes for engineered fall protection systems, our response is to direct them to the specifications.  If during a side-by-side comparison, the specifications are equivalent, then you may have received a great quote from a fall protection company that is highly motivated to earn your business based on price.  This can happen, but more often than not, the set of specifications for the quote carrying the lower price point will reveal shortcuts that can compromise the safety of your employees.  For a real world illustration that points to the value of clearly defined specifications, be sure to check out our post on How to Receive Apples to Apples Quotations on Your Next Fall Protection Project.

The specifications for engineered fall protection systems are so important that we have placed them in PDF format on our website.  Architects and engineers will find a complete set of specifications located from the Resources tab on our site as shown below:


To view our fall protection specifications, you may also click this link.  To learn more about the importance of fall protection specifications, or to discuss your project, contact the safety experts at Diversified Fall Protection for more information.