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How we can help with campus rooftop safety

May 20, 2020 6:32:58 AM

Watch the video below to learn how Diversified Fall Protection can help with campus rooftop safety.



Video Transcript:

Campus rooftop renovations and new construction projects are ideal times to partner with a fall protection company, but not for the reasons you might think.

Contractors responsible for re-roofing and new construction projects are required to have a safety plan along with OSHA compliant fall protection.  Once the projects are complete, how do you keep your employees who perform rooftop inspections, maintenance and repairs safe when working from heights?

What you really need is a partner and a plan, well in advance of any planned rooftop renovation.  Here’s why….

The Roofers and general contractors responsible for your on-campus projects are vital members of your team…but the design and installation of engineered fall protection systems is a specialized area that demands industry expertise.

When you partner with the safety experts at Diversified Fall Protection, we start by performing hazard assessments on your active rooftops, as well as a detailed plan to prioritize and tackle all of your fall protection applications.

DFP has a proven track record working with many universities and their selected general contractors and roofing contractors, making college campuses safer nationwide.

By partnering with your general contractor or roofing contractor, the fall protection system is installed in tandem with your roof renovation or new construction project, which protects your roof warranty

Safety isn’t the only thing that is built into each DFP rooftop fall protection system.  Our engineers understand the importance of concealing system components from the view at ground level to preserve the visual integrity of each building on campus.

Our experienced project management team also understands the importance of completing each rooftop fall protection project in your short summer maintenance season before fall classes resume.

When looking to keep your employees safe when working from heights and protect your school’s assets while preserving the architectural integrity of your campus rooflines…

Partner with the safety experts at Diversified Fall Protection – We’re here for all your fall protection needs!

We educate…engineer…and execute better safety systems… design!