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OSHA Compliant Roof Top Fall Protection

Feb 28, 2011 2:57:54 PM

We recently received an e-mail inquiry asking if DFP works with architects to engineer fall protection systems.  The message was simple and to the point:

“I’m an architect working on a project that is going to require OSHA compliant fall protection on the roof. Can you help?”
At Diversified Fall Protection, we routinely partner with architects to engineer OSHA compliant fall protection systems.  Our primary function is to keep your clients compliant.  As an architect, partnering with a company that specializes in fall protection has many advantages.  We can answer questions such as:

  • Where is a fall protection system required?
  • Under what conditions is fall protection required and to “what level per OSHSA regulations”?

DFP routinely works with architects on system function and design.  We can offer a site evaluation, along with a risk assessment, providing detailed documentation defining the area, risk at hand, solutions and a budgetary cost analysis which is useful when planning an annual safety budget.  The result of partnering with architects is a solution that mitigates risk and fulfills all OSHA requirements.

Most importantly, because DFP provides turnkey services with single source responsibility, your design will not only meet all relevant OSHA fall protection regulations, but you will also have peace of mind knowing that all of our employees are trained on OSHA 10 and OSHA 30, and that each member of our staff is a certified installer of fall protection systems.

To learn more about OSHA compliant roof top fall protection, contact Diversified Fall Protection for a no-obligation consultation.