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Portable Davit Base Offers Ease of Use and Secure Connections

May 19, 2014 9:40:40 AM

Davit systems are commonly used to raise, lower, and suspend personnel performing routine maintenance inside confined spaces such as vaults, manholes, and pump stations.  Davits take two main forms:  portable davit arm systems, which feature wheels, and permanent davit arm systems, which attach to the floor.  Diversified Fall Protection has engineered a new product called the Portable Davit Base which offers the portability found in portable systems combined with a secure connection associated with permanent davit installations.

Portable Davit BaseThe Portable Davit Base features wheels, making the unit highly maneuverable and completely portable.  The wheels and compact base design allows for easy storage when the system is not in use.  The system’s receiver also adds 42” of additional height to your existing davit arm.

Each Portable Davit Base Systems comes complete with four threaded concrete inserts and four protective insert cap screws.  To use the system, install the threaded concrete inserts, align the base holes, and use the included bolts to secure the base in place.  To remove the davit system, simply loosen and remove the bolts, tip the base up, and wheels the base away for storage. With these steps complete, finish the job by inserting and tightening the cap screws, which will prevent dirt and grease from harming the insert threads.

If the large bases associated with most portable systems or permanently installed davits crowd your work area, consider Diversified Fall Protection’s Portable Davit Base.  Portability combined with a safe, secure connections make the Portable Davit Base an ideal solution for common davit-based maintenance applications.  To learn more about the Portable Davit Base, request pricing, or place an order, contact Diversified Fall Protection for additional assistance.