Exosphere Telescoping Jib Arm

Exosphere Mobile Telescoping Jib Arm Fall Protection System

The  Exosphere Telescoping Jib Arm represents the most advanced mobile fall arrest system in the Tuff Built by Diversified line-up.  Designed to place portable, overhead fall protection anchor points where you need them, the Exosphere comes with variety of anchor packages, mast combinations, cube bases, lifting devices, and transport packages to give our customers a perfect mobile fall arrest solution that fits their specific needs.  OSHA compliant and designed for long service life, the Exosphere can provide secure, mobile anchor points at heights ranging from 14′ to 38′.  Whether you need a push-pull system, a self-propelled model, or a unit with a highway trailer package, we can customize a mobile telescoping jib arm system to meet your fall protection needs and your budget.

Exosphere Telescoping Jib Arm
Exosphere Telescoping Jib Arm
Exosphere Telescoping Jib Arm
Exosphere Telescoping Jib Arm
Exosphere Telescoping Jib Arm
Exosphere Telescoping Jib Arm
Exosphere Telescoping Jib Arm
Exosphere Telescoping Jib Arm

Please Note:  The table below shows standard stock sizes/configurations, but if your application requires modifications to an existing design, contact us to discuss your specific needs.

We are a complete turnkey provider of OSHA compliant portable and mobile fall arrest systems and have years of design and installation experience.  Contact us for expert assistance with your fall arrest, fall restraint and fall protection safety requirements.

Stock Design Consideration Configurations

*Standard Anchor Options
Part #Description
7070624" Single 360° Rail Rotation
7070754" Single 360° Rail Rotation
7069310" Triple 360° Rail Rotation
7070494" Single Extended 360° /180° Rail Rotation
7062394" Double Extended 360° /180° Rail Rotation
7070554" Quadruple 360° /180° Rail Rotation
*Custom Anchor Options Available Upon Request
* Standard Exosphere Mast Options
Part #Description
7061114' Four State Aluminum
18' Four Stage Aluminum
24' Four Stage Aluminum
7061430' Four Stage Aluminum
7061538' Four Stage Aluminum
* Custom Mast Configurations Available Upon Request
*Standard Mounting Bracket Options
Part #
Permanent Vertical
Foldable Manual
Foldable Hydraulic
*Custom Mounting Bracket Options Available Upon Request
*Standard Exosphere Cube Base Options
Part #
6,740 lbs, Cube With Concrete
4,790 lbs., Used With #70691 and 70497 Only
3,350 Lbs., Used With #70691 Only
*Custom Cube Base Options Available Upon Request
*Standard Lifting Power Device Options
Part #
Manual Hydraulic
110/220 Hydraulic
12V Hydraulic
*Custom Lifting Options Available Upon Request
*Standard Stabilized Transportation Packages
Part #
Regular: For Concrete
Wide: For Soft Terrain
Leveling Kit
Push/Pull Indoor Heavy Duty
Push/Pull Outdoor Heavy Duty
Push/Pull Non-Marking Tires
Heavy Duty Self-Propelled 4 x 4 Honda Engine
Highway Trailer
*Custom Transportation Bases Available Upon Request

OSHA Regulations

  • Personal Fall Arrest Systems
    • 1926.502(d)(16) Personal fall arrest systems, when stopping a fall, shall:
    • 1926.502(d)(16)(ii) limit maximum arresting force on an employee to 1,800 pounds (8 kN) when used with a body harness;
    • 1926.502(d)(16)(iii) be rigged such that an employee can neither free fall more than 6 feet (1.8 m), nor contact any lower level;
    • 1926.502(d)(16)(iv) bring an employee to a complete stop and limit maximum deceleration distance an employee travels to 3.5 feet (1.07 m); and,
    • 1926.502(d)(16)(v) have sufficient strength to withstand twice the potential impact energy of an employee free falling a distance of 6 feet (1.8 m), or the free fall distance permitted by the system, whichever is less.

Did You Know?

Diversified Fall Protection offers Horizontal Lifeline Kits for rooftop applications?