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Window Washing Davits

When suspended maintenance activities require the use of suspended scaffolds, davit systems are an effective solution and allow reach over parapets or exterior walls. Davit assemblies are typically portable and can be engaged to a permanently installed davit base via pinned connections, then relocated to provide safe and efficient access to the building façade. Permanently mounted davit bases are installed with spacing and attachment to suit building structure and are available with a wide range of attachment methods for structural compatibility. Portable davit assemblies are fabricated with height and reach to suit parapet height and to allow for proper projection.

Powered platforms are supported by two davit assemblies, one to support each end of the platform. Ground rigged davit assemblies are used when the powered platform starts from the ground level or lower roof area and is raised to a higher point of suspension. Roof rigged davit assemblies are used when the powered platform starts at a roof level and is suspended to service a lower level. Ground rigged davits must be sized to project above the building parapet height. Roof rigged davits must be sized with height as required to project the powered platform over the building parapet and with capacity to then rotate the platform into working position. When architectural conditions allow, ground rigging is typically the preferred rigging method because components are lighter and more maneuverable. All davit assemblies are constructed primarily with aluminum to minimize weight of the assembled unit.

Davit assemblies may also be used to support single point work platforms or rope descent systems. Regardless of the access method, each worker must also have safety line connection to an independent anchor point per OSHA.

For public accessible terrace areas with pavers, davit bases may be unsightly or obtrusive and may be designed to exist below the pavers. Pavers can be made removable for access to the davit base, or a removable cover can be integrated to allow for connection of a portable mounting bracket and davit assembly.

A wide range of permanently mounted davit bases and davit assemblies are available as standard product offerings, and our engineering team is able to assist with project specific requirements where architectural elements require custom applications.

Window Washing Davits

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