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Window Washing Rigging Sleeves

Horizontal and vertical rigging sleeves are designed to provide access through architectural features to façade that would be inaccessible with more conventional davit assembly rigging. Horizontal rigging sleeves provide access over or through exterior walls. Whereas as davit assembly is built as a single component with a vertical mast and a horizontal boom that must hinge or tilt into position, a horizontal rigging sleeve can be designed with one or two vertical posts that support a portable horizontal sleeve. The benefit to this approach is that the horizontal sleeve is more typically lighter weight and more portable than a davit assembly. This can be particularly advantageous when there is not sufficient space or access to hinge a davit assembly in position, the rigging sleeve can be more readily engaged. For very tall exterior screen walls with glass below, rigging sleeves can potentially be integrated for access through the wall rather than incorporating catwalks or high profile permanently installed davit assemblies. Our standard product offerings with one or two posts, to include permanently installed or portable vertical posts, can be customized to suit project needs.

Vertical rigging sleeves are installed to provide access through soffit overhangs or other cantilevered areas. Where soffits are extended from the face of façade, RDS or powered platform can be problematic using conventional rigging since the equipment line beyond the soffit does not allow the user to reach the façade. Access through the soffit allows for connection of equipment line at the top side of the obstruction, then through the obstruction to the ground level below. Rigging can then be staged at the ground level or lower roof level, and hoisted into position at a location that allow for proper reach to the façade that requires service. Vertical rigging sleeves can also provide efficient access to interior atrium glass. Permanently installed rigging bases can be concealed below flooring with portable inserts engaged when occasional interior glass cleaning and high reach dusting is required. For applications that extend through a finished roof, the rigging connection point may be permanently installed with an integrated removable cap.

Rigging sleeves may be constructed with a curved radius to project horizontally and then vertically through an obstruction. Sleeves may be configured with custom lengths to allow an equipment line to travel through obstructions without abrasion or sharp turns. Similar to davit assemblies, horizontal and vertical rigging sleeves are typically placed with spacing to support access by powered platform. However, placement and load capacity can be designated to suit motorized bosun’s chair or single man suspended platform. Attachment methods are fully variable and can be designed to suit new or retrofit steel and concrete structures.

Window Washing Rigging Sleeves

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