Choker Collar

Choker Collar

Cable chokers are versatile anchorage connectors that combine ease of use, light weight and high strength (5,000 lb. Min. tensile strength). Whether your application calls for stainless steel or abrasion resistant polyester, a choker anchorage connector can be used almost anywhere an anchorage point is required.

OSHA Regulations

  • 1926.502(d) ‘Personal fall arrest systems.’ Personal fall arrest systems and their use shall comply with the provisions set forth below. Effective January 1, 1998, body belts are not acceptable as part of a personal fall arrest system. Note: The use of a body belt in a positioning device system is acceptable and is regulated under paragraph (e) of this section.
  • 1926.502(d)(20) The employer shall provide for prompt rescue of employees in the event of a fall or shall assure that employees are able to rescue themselves.

Did You Know?

It is the responsibility of the employer to provide proper fall protection to all workers who are exposed to fall hazards?