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Truck Fall Protection Systems

Truck loading fall protection is crucial for safeguarding workers in trucking applications. Flatbeds, double-drop flatbeds, box trucks, bulk solid haulers, and tankers all have their own geometries, access points, and fall hazards. The same can be said of facilities such as truck scale stations and multi-bay trailer terminal operations.

When loads are accessed at a terminal or point of delivery, it’s important to provide a safe means of access to the tankers, trailers, and trucks. Keeping drivers and employees safe during truck loading and unloading requires a comprehensive fall prevention system, including the proper mix of fall protection equipment and training.

Whether your application requires permanently installed fall protection or a temporary fall protection system for trucks, Diversified Fall Protection offers an OSHA-compliant solution to meet your needs.

Diversified is a complete, turnkey provider of fall protection systems designed for the trucking industry, with years of design, engineering, installation, and training experience. Contact DFP for expert assistance with your fall arrest, fall restraint, and fall protection safety requirements.

Fall Protection Solutions

Design Considerations

Effective fall protection for truck drivers and other trucking employees must take into consideration factors such as trailer style, traffic volume in adjacent areas, and terminal or loading/unloading area layout. Environmental factors such as indoor or outdoor use and the presence of overhead cranes will influence design decisions as well.

Horizontal lifelines used over trailer beds with unprotected leading edges of four feet or less are often ineffective because impacts could occur before the fall is arrested. As a result, rigid rail or rigid beam fall arrest systems are often specified to minimize deflection. When used in conjunction with a rigid rail system, self-retracting lifelines can arrest falls within a 2-foot drop.

For tankers and bulk solid haulers, fixed platforms with fold-down gangways allow personnel to safely reach the top and attach to a rigid rail trolley fall arrest system. Care must be taken to consider the number of users and loads applied to the system to size the foundation correctly. Trolley beam systems run in parallel to provide ease of access for multiple users, or the fall arrest system can be constructed as a continuous, single-beam system.

Diversified Fall Protection has years of experience in the trucking industry and can implement a turnkey fall protection system that keeps workers safe at heights, and your facility in compliance with all OSHA fall protection requirements for trucks.

OSHA Regulations

Regulations for fall protection systems and equipment are constantly changing. With so much on the line, find up-to date information to ensure your company is in compliance.

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