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Spending $138.00 More Per Ladder Could Save Thousands of Dollars in Installation Costs

man climbing roof access ladderEHS and facility managers who buy safety equipment and systems want to save money whenever they can. So, whether they are shopping for rooftop guardrail, a horizontal lifeline or a wall-mounted access ladder, they want to secure the lowest possible purchase price.

Taking a moment to examine the total, installed cost, however, may be quite revealing when the safety item is a roof access ladder. Because part of your total cost is labor required to permanently mount a fixed-in-place access ladder, any in-field alterations or installation complications can drive costs significantly higher than expected.

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Benefits of Spending Remaining EHS Budget for Roof Safety Railing

Extra remaining funds at the end of a fiscal or calendar budget cycle is a great problem to have. But it is still just that – a problem. If your EHS department has a “use-it-or-lose-it” budget, you may be scrambling to spend it before the quarter ends.

This can be a double-edged sword…you don’t want money to go to waste, but you may also be having a hard time coming up with a way to invest this money into a meaningful project that can be completed within your budget cycle.

OSHA’s most recently released “top 10” list of most frequently cited workplace violations in 2019 again had Fall Protection topping the list once again. Falls from roof level – even a relatively low roof can be fatal

Workers who need to access a roof to perform a job are at risk twice – each time those workers enter and exit the roof to work. Diversified Fall Protection’s OSHA compliant roof guardrail – Lorguard – is a simple, affordable and extremely flexible way to stop workers from reaching an unprotected roof edge.

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Lockout / Tagout (LOTO) as a Component of Repair and Maintenance of Overhead Crane Systems

Lockout / Tagout Procedures Keep Crane Service Inspectors Safe

Permanent overhead cranes can provide incredible efficiencies in manufacturing or industrial applications. An overhead crane consists of parallel runways with a traveling bridge spanning the gap. The lifting component of a crane (known as the hoist) travels along the bridge. These permanently installed devices may be used multiple times daily in a plant. Periodically though, maintenance or repair of the crane rail, bridge or runway will be required.

Working near ceiling height on an overhead crane system has its challenges, including fall protection for the workers. Worrying that the crane may be started and suddenly move while being maintained is something no one should have on their minds when working from that height. Furthermore, simply contacting the electrical energy source when working can be dangerous or deadly to a worker who touches a “hot” rail.

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Creating and Maintaining Safe Facilities

An article in the most recent OHS magazine highlighted creating and maintaining safe facilities. This article states the obvious when saying that a safe work environment is one of the most important aspects of any industrial organization. However, the article also further explains some helpful tips on trips on how to start and maintain a solid safety program for organizations. Here we will run through some of the most important tasks to focus on when starting a safety plan for your facility…

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Engineered Horizontal Lifeline vs. Temporary HLL

temporary hll

We live and work in an internet age where almost everything can be found online with the click of a mouse.  We can search the internet for answers to the most vexing problems, and more importantly, we can buy just about anything, including fall protection systems.  Although it may be tempting to buy a horizontal lifeline kit online, there are compelling reasons to think twice before placing a temporary HLL into your shopping cart.

At first glance, a temporary lifeline is a tempting offer.  It is aggressively priced and once ordered, the kit arrives at your facility in just a few days.  It is a DIY solution, meaning your maintenance staff can perform the installation, saving time and money. Where it is a cost-effective solution, is it the right solution for you and your company?

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Diversified Fall Protection offers Horizontal Lifeline Kits for rooftop applications?