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Portable Guardrail

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Safety Yellow Portable Guardrail

Although Diversified Fall Protection is perhaps best known for providing engineered, single source, turnkey fall protection solutions, we also manufacture portable guardrail from our plant in Cleveland, Ohio.

Portable Guardrail with Red Finish

Portable Guardrail with Red Finish

Although many fall protection and safety oriented companies offer portable guardrail, not all of these suppliers are actually manufacturers.  Buying manufacturer direct doesn’t just mean avoiding middle men who mark up the product you buy.

Buying factory direct means that your guardrail can be customized to fit your specific application.  Choice of color is a good example of how we can customize your portable guardrail.  In some instances, powder coated safety yellow is an obvious choice.  Other situations, having the ability to specify color means that safety and fall protection CAN come with a sense of style as well.

Although most portable guardrail found on rooftops is yellow, this is not always the case.  There are instances where the goal is to have the fall protection system blend in with the overall look and feel of the building.  In these types of situations, yellow is seldom the first choice of color.

Powder coating with a custom color is not the only way the finish surface of PGR can be customized.  In certain applications, a galvanized finish is requested.  Because all of our portable guardrail is manufactured in-plant, a galvanized finish is no more bother than custom powder coated colors.

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Galvanized Portable Guardrail

Portable Guard Rail from DFP complies with OSHA requirements 1910.23 and 1926.502 for guardrail systems.  It is free-standing, non-penetrating, and as the name suggests, modular, or portable.  Because the system does not require attachment to any structure in approved applications, it is the ultimate in “customized” guardrail.  PGR can be moved as new fall protection needs arise, and the working perimeter length can be increased by adding new sections.

To learn more about PGR, visit the portable guardrail section of our website or contact DFP to discuss your fall protection needs.

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Did You Know?

It is the responsibility of the employer to provide proper fall protection to all workers who are exposed to fall hazards?