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How Diversified Fall Protection Helps General Contractors Win

Brandon Kelderhouse
Jun 25, 2021 3:36:27 PM

Why you should choose a specialized company when fall protection is called out in your project scope

When your construction or retrofit project calls for fall protection, it pays to go with a company that specializes 100% in fall protection. With a dedicated partner, you can complete bids more quickly, maintain OSHA compliance and deliver projects on budget – and on time.

Diversified Fall Protection provides turnkey solutions, beginning with the bid itself. Fall protection is what we do. From industry knowledge and engineering expertise to ongoing liability for certified systems, you can count on DFP at every stage of your project and beyond.

For new construction projects, DFP provides complete systems including suspended maintenance roof anchors, davits, and roof guardrail. With a wide range of experience designing and installing engineered systems for the most complex projects, Diversified is a trusted partner for retrofits and renovations as well.

Learn more about why you should choose a dedicated company like Diversified Fall Protection when fall protection is called out in your project scope. When the fall protection details are handled, it allows you to refocus your attention where it matters most.

Easier bid completion

Diversified Fall Protection has an in-house team of estimators who specialize in construction bid work, so bids are turned around quickly.

When you put together a bid for a large project, fall protection may be just a small part of the scope. It can get lost in the mix when composing the larger overall bid, especially as it requires expert knowledge to estimate correctly.

That’s where Diversified comes in. We have a dedicated team at the ready to quickly and efficiently put together sound estimates. The DFP estimating team is experienced at supporting general contractors in construction bid work. As fall protection specialists, we offer professional assistance, checking off each fall protection requirement, one by one.

Ensure OSHA compliance

Deaths from falls are a constant threat and a lingering problem in the workplace. OSHA has doubled down recently in its push for worksite safety, and DFP can help your clients ensure compliance.

Diversified Fall Protection understands OSHA’s fall protection regulations inside and out, and our systems are engineered with these safety standards in mind. The DFP team is committed to staying one step ahead of every revision to OSHA fall protection regulations, so there are never any surprises.

Costly fines and work stoppages that accompany OSHA violations are unplanned and unwelcome challenges on your job site. They can derail your timeline and your budget. Avoid the headaches of noncompliance with a fall protection company that knows every facet of OSHA’s requirements.

Your system. Our liability.

As a turnkey provider, Diversified Fall Protection assumes liability for your safety system. Robust internal resources allow us to own all phases of each project, from initial drawing to certification and personnel training. Other companies may claim to be fall safety experts, but they often need to outsource portions of their work.

With in-house professional engineers (PEs) who can stamp drawings, dedicated bid specialists and a team of inspection experts, DFP has the professional capacity to fully own system liability. Diversified also archives all engineering documentation, so there’s never a worry about misplaced drawings or certifications.

Stay on budget and on time

When you partner with a dedicated company like Diversified Fall Protection, you have a knowledgeable team by your side to develop a keen understanding of your budget and timeline constraints.

From the first phases of your project, Diversified keeps things running smoothly. At the start, DFP turns bids quickly, even in a hurry. As your project progresses, we complete the engineering, installation, training and certification of your fall protection system to keep you ahead of your established timeline.

Missing deadlines means general contractors may be subject to liquidated damages. DFP keeps you on time so other phases of the project are not held up. You’re better equipped to hit your dates, meet your overall deadline, and stay within budget constraints, avoiding liability.

Your fall protection partner

Diversified Fall Protection supports general contractors with all aspects of their fall safety needs. Contact a fall protection expert to learn how choosing an engineered system – and specialized partner – promotes the overall success of your project.