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Permanent Guardrail For Fall Protection

Mar 7, 2011 10:35:50 AM

permanent guardrail
When the word guardrail comes to mind, many of our customers think about our PGR line, which is offered as a stock fall protection product.  PGR stands for Portable Guard Rail.  PGR is an outstanding product because it is modular, portable, and cost effective.  Because of our market share in the portable guardrail sector, many of our customers forget that we offer permanent, custom guardrail solutions too.

The picture here illustrates an example of a permanent installation.  Although this methane vault is only a few feet off the ground, OSHA regulations require fall protection to mitigate the risk of maintenance staff going over the leading edge of this circular platform.  Do you wonder if areas on your property or in your plant require permanent fall protection in order to comply with OSHA regulations?  If you have concerns, consult the overview of common OSHA fall protection regulations on our website, or contact the experts at Diversified Fall Protection for a consultation.