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The EZ Series Fixed Access Ladder

May 18, 2020 12:55:20 PM

Take a look at how we have solved the problems with current fixed ladder designs. Our new EZ Series Fixed Access Ladders are the easiest installing, fastest climbing and highest quality ladders on the market today. These ladders can be installed in just 3 easy steps:

Video Transcription:

Buying and installing a fixed access ladder may sound simple, but this isn’t always the case. The problem with most fixed access ladders is in the name…fixed. Here’s why:

Immovable wall mounted structures can create interferences with the welded stand offs that form the connection between the building and the ladder.  These obstructions not only complicate installation, but also create possible OSHA violations.

The presence of wall mounted obstructions may make it difficult to achieve OSHA’s required 7-inch minimum standoff distance.  Field cutting and welding to re-position the stand-offs can double installation time.  These common installation challenges cost contractors and their customers time and money.

The OSHA compliant, patent pending EZ Series Fixed Access Ladder from Diversified Fall Protection offers quick and easy installation with no extra fabrication or welding.

The EZ Series Ladder installs in 3 easy steps:

  1. Install the anchor bolts and add the support brackets
  2. Hang the ladder on the rung adapter
  3. Add the ladder clamp plate

Every EZ Series Ladder features:

  • Engineered side rails to secure ladder sections with splice connections to create the length required
  • Bolted, universal standoff brackets that adjust horizontally and vertically to accommodate any structures that may interfere behind the ladder and adhere to OSHA’s 7-inch minimum distance requirement
  • A generous rung width of 20 inches for easier climbs and accommodating vertical lifeline systems
  • A non-chipping, corrosion resistant hot dipped galvanized finish
  • Proudly made in the USA

The EZ Series is more than just a better ladder design—it’s a complete climbing system to solve all of your roof access needs with such items as:

  • P-returns
  • Parapet crossover kits
  • Vertical lifeline systems
  • Ladder guards

Whether you are replacing a non-OSHA compliant ladder or require ladders for new application, choose the fastest installing, easiest climbing, and highest quality ladder on the market today:

The EZ Series Fixed Access Ladder from Diversified Fall Protection.

To purchase or learn more, contact Diversified Fall Protection at 877-959-9379 or online at today.