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Top 4 Reasons to Choose a Rigid Rail System from DFP

Jun 7, 2021 4:25:46 PM

When it comes to job site safety, it often seems like there is a never-ending list of risks to be weighed.

For example, in the grain and feed industry, or the larger agricultural industry, workers are at risk from a staggering variety of fall hazards. Ladders, confined spaces, irregular surfaces, extrusions, open hatches, and other complications make this work especially risky.

From grain bins to combines to rail cars, protecting these workers from injury or even death can require a fall protection system that is cost-efficient and strong, yet adaptable. That’s why a rigid rail system from Diversified Fall Protection is the ideal solution: We provide turnkey, OSHA-compliant, certified fall arrest systems that protect these workers on the job.

Discover why a rigid rail system from Diversified Fall Protection is the industry-standard solution.


Rigid rail systems from Diversified Fall Protection use a patented TD3 triangular truss that permits longer spans between support columns — saving you money on concrete, foundations, and columns.

Because our systems are modular, you can tear down and move them to the next job site, eliminating the need to buy an all-new system. You can be back up with an all-new rigid rail system in 6 to 8 weeks.


That patented TD3 Truss we mentioned? It’s incredibly strong, allowing for columns spaced up to 80 feet apart. (Our competitors can only span 60 feet). Plus, you can choose from a selection of coatings and paint to add color, corrosion resistance, and protection.

These strong, stable spans make rigid rail systems perfect for agricultural applications, in addition to industrial, chemical, rail, and transportation applications.


In conjunction with fall hazards, there are often small-space considerations to be taken into account, as well as immoveable obstacles which must be accommodated.

A rigid rail system by DFP makes it easy to build around obstacles. With the extra-long spans possible using our TD3 triangular truss system, you have more flexibility where you install the foundations and supports, so you can work around what’s there. Seamlessly attach to platforms and gangways for easy access. And connecting a rigid trolley rail, which can be used in conjunction with the truss, allows workers to pass under or inside structures — without needing to unhook from the system.

What’s more, these systems can be configured to allow more than one user. With multiple users tied into the system, the capability still exists to bypass other users, improving the efficiency of work.

Smaller systems can be purchased as certified engineered kits and self-installed or installed by a local contractor. For larger systems, we can provide professional installation at your convenience.


Rigid rail fall arrest systems from Diversified Fall Protection offer OSHA-compliant, industry-leading safety solutions for industries such as grain and feed. These systems provide lateral fall protection for the total length of the system, reducing chances of a swing fall. The maximum fall distance is reduced to two feet, while maximum worker mobility is retained.

Thanks to a harness and self-retracting lifeline, workers can keep their hands free when moving about the system, allowing them to carry tools as they work. Plus, the continuous design eliminates the need to unhook and rehook into the system when accessing platforms or gangways — a huge safety advantage over other systems.

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