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Monorail System for Suspended Access Anchorage

Suspended access monorail systems are an aesthetically pleasing solution for façade access below deep soffit areas or other overhangs, where conventional rigging would not place the façade within reach of the worker. Because monorail is linear, access is continuous and more efficient that other alternative methods. Additionally, the system can be designed for ascent or descent, meaning RDS or powered platform equipment are both compatible. Monorail track can be finished for color matching, and the monorail track can exist nearly flush to the bottom of the soffit for reduced visual impact. Because our monorail track is an enclosed design, system maintenance does not require frequent cleaning to prevent dust or dirt build up, and the aluminum material is resistant to outdoor weathering.

Our aluminum monorail system allows the user to navigate corners and turns in the system without need for transfer or disengagement. Systems may be customized to suit workplace specifications and designed to support multiple simultaneous users. For a two person powered platform, four trolleys are required, one for each equipment (primary) line and one for each safety lifeline. Peak Fall Protection provides hazard evaluation services for facilities and turnkey installation service by our trained technicians.

Window Washing Monorail

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